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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Woman Locked 11 year old daughter after She Pours Hot Water on her

Police of Akwatia in Eastern Region Of Ghana are on serious issues with a woman who allegedly poured water on an 11 year old girl who happens  to be her daughter leaving her in severe burns 
The reason for this un-expected behavior put up by the woman is still unknown as the She the suspect is yet to be arrested 
The suspected woman was said that she refused to seek medical attention to the poor girl leaving her in the room helplessly as she was locked for about a week now.

On 14th July, the assembly man for the Dameabra electoral area was also informed about this mysterious incidence but according to the reports, the man was denied from seeing the victim.
The concerned Assembly man made a complaint to the police on the 20th of July.
According to the police report, some people were gathered at the victims house only to realize that.
However, the victim Mother was not found at the hospital. The victim was seen full of Burns all over the body.
The police are conducting serious search to find out the Culprit, But the Victim Mother is their main Suspect.

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