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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

UEW-K SRC under pressure over src week celebration

Earlier this week, Most Students of the College of Technology Education Kumasi / UEW – K in short COLTEK, has the intention of getting SRC T-shirts that was meant for the SRC week celebration, and unfortunately for them it was in a diverse manner.
All the confusions created started when students arrived at the car for the COLTEK strongest, they were expecting to take some T-Shirts Home but the SRC could not provide any, in fact I was also a victim. Before students got to the car park, the tents were already mounted and they decided to wait peacefully for their T-shirt but SRC was not yielding any good results for them. In this, the students decided to dismantle the tents and were making allegation in the whole place. 

Following this, The Vice Dean of student affairs DR. Philip Oti-Agyen came over to calm down the temper of the students.  As he started his speech, some of the students snubbed him and were doing their own things and others were playing Jama as well.
COLTEK Students decided to cause all this confusions because,
·         They have no enough T-shirts to be shared among them, and you can imagine a population of over 15,000 and the SRC decided to print T-shirts for less than 500.
·         Students also think that Miss COLTEK beauty challenge is a waste of their money and so the Miss COLTEK program commencing this week should be boycotted.
·         The few T-Shirts that were printed were given to their girlfriends and close relations and so the SRC was Unfair to that, because everybody pays dues and so no one should be ignored, at least if about 70%  of the people who came got some shirts it wouldn’t have gone this far.
·         Others were angry because, they stared chasing these T shirr since last week and was waiting for it to be delivered to them today only for them to be told that there wasn’t any but they were still supplying some to some people and that was unfair treatment. 
·         In fact the funny part id that , some people went there earlier than the said time which was 2pm, waited for about 2 – 3 hours only not to be given a T Shirt, Very painful.

Students also made mention that they don't need Yaa Pono and Strong Man for the SRC artist night and all they need is the dancehall champion Shatta Wale who recently grabbed 8 awards at the 3Music awards.

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