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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Poverty: Man Wraps his 3 year old son in rice bag to sell

This modern times of hard economical struggles, money has been the order of the day for many individuals. Some trade human spare parts whiles others use ammunitions to gain their daily meal. The rate at which these crimes happens is very alarming in our societies. 
A viral unexpected photos that is making waves online had it that, a father of eight who is finding it difficult take care of his children, has wrapped one of his 8 children in a rice sack travelling to sell him in nearby town. 
Unfortunately for him, he was grabbed by the police who observed him keenly during the unexpected incidence. 

After his arrest, he confessed he is having eight children and can't take care of them. So to feed the others, he has to sell this little one to take care of the rest of the family.
This has raised many questions online as netizens are really shocked to hear such news. Most people suggest that the father should be severely punished for this misconduct.

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